Identify. Innovate. Inspire.

At Quascenta, our goal is to provide pharmaceutical manufacturers with software products that improve productivity by implementing innovative, consistent, and efficient processes. Our team of subject matter experts ensures that each application reflects the latest regulations and best practices. Over the last 20 years, we have established expertise in the areas of process validation, cleaning validation, environmental monitoring, and shipment monitoring. Over 100 companies worldwide now consider Quascenta their reliable solution partner.

Since its launch in 2004, our cleaning validation software has helped companies, big and small, migrate from an inefficient spreadsheet-based methodology to a validated application. The latest application, eResidue Pro, builds on the experience gained over the last 2 decades and delivers an audit-ready application with extensive data mining features that go way beyond mere digitization of paper records.


  • Quality: We aim to provide best-in-class products that deliver premium value to our customers. We set standards and ensure we surpass the benchmark we set every time.
  • Integrity: Honest, Ethical, and Fair Operations enable people to trust us. Our word is our bond.
  • Teamwork: We work across boundaries as a cross-functional team, to meet the needs of our customers.  
  • Personal Accountability: We are personally accountable for delivering our promises.  
  • Diversity: We acknowledge and encourage people with innovative ideas, strengths, interests, and social backgrounds.  
  • Recognition: The road to success is rough. We make sure our team feels appreciated and valued throughout the journey. We take the time to relax and recognize where we started from. This story makes the journey interesting and motivating.
  • Evolve and Adapt: We make diamonds out of carbon. We constantly evolve and adapt our workforce through learning from mistakes and experiences.
  • Delivery: We aim to complete the tasks of tomorrow, yesterday. Customers trust us to build things perfectly and on time.
  • Build for durability: Our goal is to create things that will endure the test of time. Our focus on customers’ success enables us to achieve our goal.

Work Ethic

We believe that the teams which put in the extra effort to go the extra mile will be the ones who will see their dreams come true. Such a team should be accountable for the actions and must focus on the customer. The employees are free to think, innovate and develop solutions that can inspire the entire team in moving forward. We consistently upgrade ourselves to the technology of tomorrow and focus on the impact that can be created using it. We start our day to make an impact through our talents, intellect, passion, and hard work. Our goal is to create an everlasting positive impact on the work and the lives of our customers. When we work hard and smart, we believe anything is possible. Being the leaders in our field of expertise, we possess unrivalled vision and execution strategies. We aim not to become complacent with our accolades, rather, be humble and hungry to learn and solve the challenges of tomorrow, to supply the demands of our future customers.